April 16


New Book! Learn Manga With Japanese

By Charles Hoshino

April 16, 2020

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Edit: The book(s) have launched! I decided the split the book into two books. You can order them here.

In the two years since we launched Box of Manga, we’ve had many people email us asking, “Do you have any tips for how to use manga to learn Japanese?” Well, it turns out I have a many more ideas to share than will fit into a single e-mail!

When it comes to learning languages (or learning anything, in fact), I’m a big believer in graduating from textbooks as soon as possible and moving to a real-world, self-directed approach. My upcoming book teaches you just how to do that! It’s all about how to integrate manga into a self-managed language learning system–no teachers required.

The book will cover language learning workflows, flashcard mining strategies, habit-building tips, and much more. For the full details, see our order page. Happy studying!

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